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I read about the diabetes epidemic among Indigenous communities; why is it an epidemic?

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I read about the diabetes epidemic among Indigenous communities; why is it an epidemic?Pinterest
Image Credit: Aaron Burden on Unsplash

History indicates that upon first contact settlers to the new world were stunned by the quality of health of the original inhabitants. In fact, there are historical accounts of settlers writing back to Europe expressing their astonishment of the vast array of foods the Indigenous peoples were consuming and the apparent health of these Indigenous peoples being advanced. There were even written accounts by settlers complaining of the excessive bathing of Indigenous peoples! Good nutrition and good hygiene are paramount to living a healthy lifestyle and prevented diseases like diabetes. It was not until the introduction of sugar, flour, and salt into the diet of Indigenous peoples that the quality of life of Indigenous peoples start to decline. The result after generations of consuming these ingredients has left many Indigenous communities facing a deadly disease of epidemic proportions. A return to a traditional diet is one alternative that has not only improved the quality of life of those affected by diabetes but has also rekindled a connection to the bounty of the land and the traditional practices of hunting and gathering. 



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