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Guest Blog by Tara Kainer - Community Harvest Day (July 25th 2018)

Whispering Winds Drum Group preforming at Queen's University

The last weekend of January 2017 I participated in a Community Talking Circle, the first of ten organized by the City of Kingston’s Sesquicentennial Engage for Change project funded by the Government of Canada and facilitated by Three Things Consulting.

Engage for Change

Engage for Change Gathering

‘Engage for Change’ are powerful words, because they imply the engagement of local community and that positive change will result. Over the past ten months, Engage for Change circles occurred monthly and brought together people from many socioeconomic backgrounds, diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as from local organizations, businesses, and academic institutions.

Learning in Limestone

The truth about reconciliation

Find out more about the incredible student projects that were the culmination of an inquiry-based curriculum project. These amazing students were tasked to find answers on the next steps to the path to reconciliation. Thanks to the Limestone District School Board for featuring Engage for Change in its June 2017 Learning in Limestone segment.

Our next talking circle

Engage for Change Talking Circle

The next Engage for Change talking circle is hosted by the Kingston Arts Council. 

Please join us on Thursday, 13 July 2017 at the Tett Centre (Malting Tower) for a day of sharing as part of Engage for Change, a Reconciliation Journey Project, hosted by the City of Kingston.

Kaha:wi Traditional Indigenous Dance Workshop

Dance Workshop

On Thursday, March 2nd, grade 7 and 8 elementary school students participated in a Traditional Indigenous Dance workshop at Southview Public School in Napanee, Ontario. The workshop was hosted by two members of Kaha:wi Dance Theatre, an outstanding Indigenous dance performance group.