Engage for Change

The seven grandfather teachings

The seven grandfather teachingsPinterest

As part of our Engage for Change project, more than 200 grade 7 and 8 students are taking part in an inquiry-based, curricular project. The students are exploring the questions, stories and understandings behind the concept of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians, with a focus on the legacy of residential schooling.

This program offers students the opportunity to move beyond a regular classroom setting to engage in alternative spaces for exploring their questions, such as visiting libraries, universities, government and heritage venues. The students are in the midst of creating their physical responses to how both First Peoples and non-First Peoples can bring reconciliation to the Kingston region and these engagements are only some of the diverse curriculum experiences the students have taken on this school year.

One of the students in the program, Aliya, submitted this video about what she has learned about the seven grandfather teachings and how she thinks it can help us on the path towards reconciliation. Great job, Aliya!

How can we perceive the seven grand father teachings in a way that will help us with reconciliation